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These high school students are racing to find faster brain cancer treatments

HUMAN INTELLIGENCE – Meet the two teenagers (and a few others) who are using AI tech to tackle deadly glioblastoma. Continue reading…

BE WELL Here’s the one easy thing you can do every day for heart health. Continue reading…

VACCINE APPROVED – The FDA green-lights the first inoculation against RSV. Continue reading…

BACTERIAL OUTBREAK – Thirty-one patients are infected at one Seattle hospital. Continue reading…

DR. AI ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, scored better than docs in giving medical advice. Find out why and how. Continue reading…

‘EPIDEMIC OF LONELINESS’ – Surgeon general calls for more social connection. Continue reading…

CDC INVESTIGATION – Southern Nevada has seen a spike in children’s brain infections. Continue reading…

WAKE-UP CALL Some melatonin gummies were found to contain excess melatonin and CBD. Continue reading…

SLEEPY SIDE EFFECTS – Some people taking Ozempic and Wegovy have reported intense dreams. Continue reading…






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