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Arizona man finds bag of fentanyl, meth on his property: police

A man was “overwhelmed” when he opened a mysterious bag left at his Phoenix, Arizona home and discovered that it was filled with fentanyl pills and methamphetamine, police said. 

The incident happened the afternoon of September 9 near 30th Street and Bell Road in Phoenix, police said on Saturday. 

“A man noticed a black bag sitting on his property and when he opened it up, he was overwhelmed with the amount of drugs that he found inside,” police wrote on Twitter. 

Officers were called to the scene and determined the bag contained some 117,500 fentanyl pills and nearly 50 pounds of methamphetamine. 


It was not clear how the narcotics ended up on the man’s property and no additional details were available. 

The news came after Border Patrol officers in Arizona found more than 150,000 multicolored fentanyl pills and other illegal drugs over the past week. 

Port of Nogales Director Michael Humphries said 26,000 fentanyl pills were found Tuesday in the gas tank of a car.

A day later, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers stopped a vehicle containing approximately 276,000 fentanyl pills in the spare tire of a vehicle during K9 operations at the same location. 

Fox News’ Julia Musto contributed to this report. 

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