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Biden, Democrats falsely frame Green movement as ‘economic’: Charles Payne

President Biden and the Democrats are cleverly framing the green energy transition they seek to enforce on America as an economic venture, when in fact it is rooted in the political left’s historic endeavor for control, FOX Business anchor Charles Payne said.

In an interview airing Sunday on “Life, Liberty & Levin,” Payne said there is a twofold political deflection at work among the Democrats in this regard.

First, he noted Biden “brags he’s from Delaware” as if that automatically affords him prowess as an economist because of the massive number of businesses incorporated in the tax-friendly First State.

Second, Payne hearkened back to the immediate aftermath of the 19th century industrial revolution, when Westerners were first presented with the ubiquity of disposable income — and therefore freer to make personal choices about their lifestyle and budgets than the preceding mainly agrarian period.

At the time, he said, leftists like Karl Marx idealized ways to accumulate control of the levers of the new industrialized world for what they say was the common benefit, but in reality has been anything but.

“It’s interesting,” Payne said. “Whenever President Biden brags that he’s from Delaware, where a lot of companies are incorporated, somehow that makes him a business genius.”

“I think we discuss this [paradigm] in the wrong way all the time anyway,” he added. “These are not economic policies. We discuss them as economic policies. This thought process, this movement, if you will, goes back to the 1800s.”


“Of course, we know Marx and those folks are out there… And it’s always been about control. Who controls this money, whoever controls this newfound wealth that was actually being distributed.”

Payne noted that at the turn of the 20th century, Americans particularly were blessed with life-changing inventions like the automobile, the then-rudimentary airplane of Orville and Wilbur Wright, carnival Ferris wheels and more.

“We could buy cotton candy for the first time we were living in high-rises, so it’s always been about control,” he said.

“We talk about it as an economic policy, so none of [the politicians] are economic experts, but they don’t care about that. They have to wrap it in the veneer of economics to sell it to the public.”


He said their rhetoric in regard to the green revolution, just as other similar endeavors in the past, has been marked by the term “justice.”

“Always remember that if you think even in recent years you’ve heard about racial justice, gender justice and now a term they use all the time as environmental justice — this is a group that wants to redistribute wealth and fight the wrongs in their minds [and] the wrongs of yesteryear.”

“It has zero to do with economics.”

Payne posited that Biden and other Democrats don’t truly care about the multiple facets of “pain” the green revolution will cause Americans — pointing to the fact they will be paying off white-collar student loans with taxpayer funds from the working class and non-college-educated.

“They don’t care how much pain is levied because of this, and they are determined to make this work. And I got to admit, they have the momentum and right now, they have the upper hand,” he warned.

Payne later told host Mark Levin that in terms of the green revolution writ large, the fledgling plans to ban sales of internal combustion engines in states like California and RGGI cap-and-trade pacts entered into by Pennsylvania, New Jersey and other states, are the precursor to what Europe is seeing.

He alluded to the fact many Germans are scrambling for energy sources as winter approaches — after Russia restricted their access to natural gas.

Former President Donald Trump recently recounted his gift of a “white flag of surrender” to then-German Chancellor Angela Merkel, which he explained to her was to signify she had ceded her energy production rights to Russia by tamping down on fossil fuels and importing from rival nations.

In July, current Chancellor Olaf Scholz said a new plan to refire dormant coal-fired plants as the crisis there mounts will only be temporary. 

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