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Elton John next star to play at Biden White House but ‘sad songs’ aren’t gonna turn things around

The economy is in a recession, the border is out of control, and the only thing higher than inflation are the people who think our president is doing a good job of handling it. None of that will stop Joe Biden from bursting into song on the White House Lawn again this weekend. 

The White House announced Wednesday that Sir Elton John will perform on the South Lawn this Friday night in a made for TV special called “A Night When Hope and History Rhyme.” 

Sir Elton will take the stage less than two weeks after James Taylor headlined a tone-deaf “Inflation Reduction Party” which coincided with a 1,200 point stock market crash that literally heaped “Fire And Rain” onto people’s 401Ks. 


The president took all kinds of heat for the bad optics, but in typical Biden fashion, he’s refusing to quit while he’s behind, bringing in yet another singer in his mid-70s. (It’s only fair when you consider the percentage of voters who think our country is headed in the wrong direction is also in the mid-70s.)

Now to be clear, I don’t have any problem with Elton John bringing down the house with his biggest hits. I just wish it came at a time when Biden wasn’t bringing down the country with his biggest policies. 


To put it in Elton John terms, this whole administration has been filled with “Sad Songs” and it’s hard to see voters forgiving the president’s poor performance simply because he brought in another singer whose best albums are available on 8-Track. 

(For those of you under the age of 45, the 8-Track was a music format that predated something called the cassette, which predated something called the compact disc)

Sir Elton’s singalong is “Democrat 101” in that it won’t address a single solitary issue facing Americans, it will hope to win them over with another ham-handed bonding attempt. 

Sure, it’s not as bad as Jill Biden trying to court Latinos by calling them breakfast tacos, but busting out Elton John to sing “Sacrifice” while 65% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, in a never ending cycle of “Sacrifice,” is a terrible look for a party that’s constantly branded as being out of touch with voters. I mean, why not send Madonna down to Eagle Pass, Texas to sing “Borderline” while you’re at it? 

Point being. Sir Elton John is a pop culture icon, adored the world over, and I’m sure he’ll crush it on the White House lawn. But when the applause fades and the Secret Service packs up his piano, he shouldn’t be surprised to see Joe Biden starting a Farewell Tour of his own. 


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