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Gwyneth Paltrow defends wellness tips after being slammed for ‘starvation diet’

Gwyneth Paltrow is standing behind her wellness tips.

Paltrow caused controversy earlier this week when her wellness tips, which included intermittent fasts and bone broth meals, were dubbed the “starvation diet.”

“I have been working to really focus on foods that aren’t inflammatory, [and] it’s been working really well,” the “Goop” founder shared on her Instagram story Friday.

Paltrow explained that she has “long COVID” which caused her to have “very high levels of inflammation.” Due to this, the “Shakespeare in Love” actress has opted for foods that lowers inflammation, such as cooked vegetables, protein and healthy carbs.


“It’s been working really well,” Paltrow noted. She clarified that her sharing her own wellness tips was not meant to be advice for others.

“This [is] just really what has worked for me,” she added. “It has been very powerful and positive.”

Paltrow noted she does not eat these foods “all day, every day” and she consumes “far more” than just bone broth and vegetables. 

“I eat full meals. I also have days where I eat whatever I want, French fries or whatever. My baseline has been to try to eat healthy and try to eat foods that really calm the system down,” Paltrow said.

In an appearance on the “Art of Being Well” podcast earlier this week, Paltrow said she eliminated certain foods from her diet, including sugar.

“What I gave up was dairy, gluten, sugar … a lot of processed foods,” she revealed before noting that she didn’t strictly follow the diet while pregnant with Apple between 2003 and 2004.

“All I wanted was grilled cheese sandwiches and yogurt.”

Paltrow’s health journey began after her dad was diagnosed with cancer in 1999. He had been set to begin directing the actress in “Duet” when his throat cancer was discovered.

“I didn’t think about [wellness] a lot until my father was diagnosed with cancer. I started realizing there had to be a connection through what we were eating and what we were being exposed to,” Paltrow explained. 


“And how that was being expressed through disease. And that’s when I started researching whatever I could. Talking to people. Understanding the links between environmental toxins, cancer … what led to the creation of disease in our culture.”

The “Avengers” star questioned why the world is filled with all kinds of disease when we have “autonomy” over what we put in our bodies.

“Why do we have so much obesity, depression, Type 2 diabetes?” she said. “We all have so much agency, we have autonomy over our bodies. What we put into our bodies … when we have a certain degree of mastery of ourselves, we can really start to change our lives and feel really good.”


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