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JESSE WATTERS: The illegal migrants DeSantis flew to Martha’s Vineyard are suing him

Fox News host Jesse Watters reacted to illegal migrants suing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis after he sent them to Martha’s Vineyard on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

JESSE WATTERS: The illegals who DeSantis flew to the Vineyard are suing him. Let that sink in. Illegal immigrants are suing a sitting U.S. governor. They broke into our country and the first thing they do is sue a Republican. Give us your tired, your poor and your litigious. Of course, this wasn’t the migrants’ idea.  

I mean, they’re new to the country. They don’t know how easy it is to sue a leading Republican presidential candidate. The migrants hired a lawyer. Actually, maybe they will fit in here. A group called Lawyers for Civil Rights is going to represent the migrants. Soros’s money is involved, obviously, and they’re suing Ron DeSantis



The suit alleges both Yanet and Jesus Doe “felt anxious and confused. As a result… suffered from lack of sleep and vertigo.” Yanet and Jesus are from a Venezuelan slum. They spent months crawling through jungles of Central America and the deserts of Mexico to get here, but it wasn’t until they were well-fed and put in an air-conditioned flight to Martha’s Vineyard that they really started to suffer. 

Joe Biden makes me anxious and confused. Can I sue him? Sometimes after listening to Kamala talk, I can’t sleep at night. Should I call a lawyer? What is vertigo anyway? Is vertigo like how Pauly P felt after he crashed his Porsche and couldn’t stand up?



The suit also alleges that Pablo, Jesus and Yanet “suffered emotional and economic harm and irreparable harm to their dignity and autonomy.” Economic harm? They don’t have any money. How do you take money away from somebody that doesn’t have any money? DeSantis put them up in a hotel for five days. Did he stick them with the room service bill? Is Ron going to charge them for the macadamia nuts in the minibar because actually, those are expensive? DeSantis harmed their dignity? What did he do? Teach them critical race theory? Confuse them about their gender? And of course, the liberal lawyers say one of the biggest crimes is that no one in Martha’s Vineyard knew the migrants were coming.  


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