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LAURA INGRAHAM: The 2024 path to victory is offering credible solutions to what worries voters most

Fox News host Laura Ingraham analyzes Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ achievements in the state legislature and whether they translate to the White House on “The Ingraham Angle.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: The signs are that DeSantis, like Trump, does have the spine to fight through it all and not lose focus on what actually matters. Consider what he’s gotten done against the media and the Democrat freakouts in his own state. This is Politico, of all places, that talked about his accomplishments just last legislative session. “One of the most productive stretches of right-wing lawmaking any state’s seen in years. Week after week, legislators pushed through measures dealing with abortion, guns, the death penalty, immigration, schools and gender identity, sometimes amid protests inside the Capitol.” 


And after winning re-election by nearly 20 points, let’s face it, DeSantis knew that he had the leverage, the mojo to actually get his agenda passed into law. DeSantis’ allies in the legislature delivered nearly everything he asked for, whether it was imposing new regs on Disney or a law designed to block China from buying land in Florida. You know he’s getting under their skin when even the White House got into the lie that because DeSantis banned the twisted sexual propaganda being shoveled out to Florida school kids, he’s also banning books and poems. 

For example, as the press and the pundits and the former president are going to use a flamethrower against DeSantis, it’s going to be tempting for him to fall back on the cultural issues that have dominated his profile really for the past year or so. And as important as those are, and we certainly spent a lot of time on “The Angle” talking about them, he and all Republicans should remember what the voters really care about. They’re telling us. 

The latest Harvard-Harris survey tells us that not drag shows or Disney, no, it’s the economy, inflation and high prices, immigration that are bothering people. So both DeSantis and Trump should remember that Reagan won in 1980 hammering Carter’s economy, and Clinton won in ’92 hammering Bush’s economy. As tempting and fun as the other issues are to bat around, the path to victory is offering credible solutions to what worries voters most. 


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