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LAWRENCE JONES: Liberals suddenly ‘sounding the alarm’ on illegal immigration

Fox News host Lawrence Jones weighed in on Democrats “sounding the alarm” over the United States’ border crisis on “Cross Country with Lawrence Jones.”

LAWRENCE JONES: Democrats are now sounding the alarm about our country’s growing border crisis. But we’re asking ourselves the question: What changed with the situation that finally made the left speak up? Well, nothing, actually, except now the border crisis isn’t some faraway problem they can play off for cheap political points.


MAYOR MURIEL BOWSER 2017: Well, I can’t say it any more clearly of what it means to for Washington, D.C., to be a sanctuary city.

MAYOR BILL DE BLASIO 2019: We have your back in New York City. We will protect you. We will not ask your documentation status.

MAYOR LONDON BREED 2019: San Francisco stands behind our sanctuary city policy.

MAYOR ERIC GARCETTI 2016: Los Angeles and other big cities have always been a place that are welcomed to refugees, to asylum seekers and to immigrants.

MAYOR LORI LIGHTFOOT 2019: This is a city that for 150 years has been a city of welcome for immigrants from people all over the world.

So passionate. So as you can see, liberals spent years bragging about their cities being open for illegals, and now they’re begging the federal government for aid and reinforcement. That’s the same kind of help that the border towns, hell the entire state of Texas have been asking for, for years. But when Republicans ask for help at the border, they were labeled as racist, xenophobic — they didn’t send a cavalry for the Republicans. Now, this is just the latest example of Democrats ignoring the issue until it finally lands in their own backyard. Heck, just last week, Kamala Harris insisted that the border was secure. But what’s the Biden administration have to say now that they can’t ignore this crisis? 

PRESIDENT BIDEN: We’re committed to fixing the immigration system instead of working with us on solutions. Republicans are playing politics with human beings, using them as props. What they’re doing is simply wrong. It’s un-American, it’s reckless.

So the Democrats are playing politics with human lives. I mean, this is really cruel what they’re doing, ignoring the daily crisis at the southern border and pretending that innocent Americans haven’t been suffering from this for years, writing off their concerns just because they don’t vote for Democrats.


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