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Lee Zeldin on rising crime: New Yorkers are hitting their breaking point

Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., said Tuesday he will make the state safer and fire Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg if he is elected on “Hannity.” 

REP. LEE ZELDIN: She’s weak and pandering to the far-left, pro-criminal allies in her own party. When I was calling for a repeal of cashless bail, she was saying there wasn’t any data to support it. Essentially her position is that you have to elect her to find out what her position on cashless bail might be in January. When I was pledging to fire Alvin Bragg as soon as I get sworn into office, she said he just got there, cut him some slack he’s doing his job. You mention the Jose Alba case. I was standing in front of Bragg’s office calling for the murder charges to get dropped, and when she was asked about it that same day she said it’s a local matter, she’s not going to get involved. Meanwhile, when she was making this move after the Supreme Court overturned New York’s unconstitutional concealed carry law, she was asked a couple of days before her new laws passed, what data do you have to target concealed carry holders? 


She said she doesn’t need data, she is the governor. And everybody woke up in the state legislature Friday morning and there was no bill by that afternoon, there was a bill signing. So, she’s been all wrong on crime and I believe that New Yorkers of all walks of life, you don’t have to be Republican, everybody wants safe streets.

New Yorkers are hitting their breaking point. New York leads the entire nation in population loss because people have their wallet, their safety, their freedom, their quality of the kids’ education under attack, and they know that if they go elsewhere their money will go further, they’ll feel safer, and they’ll live life freer. 


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