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MSNBC guest claims ‘White people turn violent when they don’t politically get their way:’ ‘It’s what they do’

MSNBC guest Elie Mystal slammed White people as being violent racists during an appearance on “The Cross Connection with Tiffany Cross” Saturday. 

His remarks were made during a discussion about the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) investigation into former President Donald Trump.

“The cause of the problem is, of course, is Trump himself and his MAGA acolytes themselves and the people who are willing to do the violence in Trump’s name,” Mystal said. 

He was referring to Trump’s remark that the American people “would [not] stand for” the DOJ indicting him. 


“I think if it happened, I think you’d have problems in this country the likes of which perhaps we’ve never seen before. I don’t think the people of the United States would stand for it,” Trump told conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt on Thursday.

Mystal argued that Trump’s remarks constituted a violent threat and that said violence was unsurprising because Trump is a White man.

“I guess I want to say that I’m not surprised that he’s threatening this because A. He’s literally done it before, and B. This is literally what conservative White folks do when they don’t get their way – they turn violent,” Mystal argued. 

“As the Black man in this country, as a person who is aware of the Black history in the New World, White people turn violent when they don’t politically get their way all the damn time in this country. It’s what they do,” he emphasized. 


“From the perspective of a Black person, I’m kind of like, ‘Welcome to the world that I’ve been living in America.’ Because now, what we have is White domestic terrorists threatening to turn violence against non-Black people, against everybody else if the White supremacist ideology doesn’t win the day and their White supremacist king is held accountable for crime,” he said. 

Tiffany Cross, the host, agreed with Mystal’s remarks.

“You’re not opining,” she said. “That statement is rooted in history and fact.” 

Mystal has a history of racist remarks. He previously called Black Republicans “tokens who are out here right now shucking and jiving for their White handlers.” 

He also called for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to be prosecuted by the DOJ for “kidnapping” in reaction to their transporting illegal immigrants to other states.

He said, “Imagine Ron DeSantis goes up to a group of white teenagers, offers them some candy and says, ‘Hey, I’m gonna take you to Dinsey World if you get in my van.’ And then Ron DeSantis drives them to Bush Gardens.” 

“That’s kidnappings,” he claimed, adding, “You’re not allowed to do that.”

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