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NBC’s ‘Today’ stuns, delights pro-lifers with segment referring to ‘babies in the womb’

Conservatives pointed out what they saw as an unintentionally pro-life segment on NBC’s “Today” where the programs anchors fawned over a story revealing that unborn babies react to different flavors of food in the womb. 

The anchors referred to “babies in the womb” while covering the story, which prompted many pro-lifers on Twitter to praise the segment. It also caused some to point out the double standard that some outlets refer to unborn children as fetuses, in what some on the right view as de-humanizing.

The segment aired Thursday morning, with co-anchor Sheinelle Jones stating, “researchers from Britain wanted to know if babies in the womb react when the mom ingests a flavor of food, and this is what they saw.” 

The program flashed a before-and-after series of ultrasound photos: the first depicting an unborn baby having a static facial expression, and the second featuring the child smiling after ingesting something he or she liked.


The anchor continued, “You want guess what was on the left? So the left is a baby in its resting state. And then on the right, you see how he smiles?… The mom ate some carrots.” 

Co-anchor Dylan Dreyer gave an “Awww!” in response to the happy pictures and Jones’ description of the baby boy. Amused, co-anchor Al Roker remarked, “He liked the carrots.” He then asked, “So were there other foods?” 

“Yes there were. I’m glad you asked,” Jones replied, before describing a photo of an unborn baby apparently frowning after its mom ate kale.

Dreyer remarked, “That’s adorable though!” and Roker added, “Because once they get out of the womb, it’s that same look.” All around the table agreed, laughing. 

After seeing the clip on Twitter, pro-lifers seemed shocked at the tone from “Today,” particularly as the abortion debate rages in the media and across the country after Roe v. Wade was overturned.

River City Baptist Church lead pastor Matt Smethurst tweeted, “Thank you, sincerely, for calling them what they are.”

Pro-life activist Lila Rose wrote, “A ‘baby’ when it makes for a cute news story. A ‘fetus’ when justifying killing them.”

“NBC is allowed to call babies in the womb babies in the womb now???” asked Committee to Unleash Prosperity president Phil Kerpen.

The Concerned Women for America Twitter account remarked, “Too cool! How could anyone ever discount the humanity of a child in the womb?”

Conservative commentator John Cardillo provided a more sobering take, tweeting, “This is who Democrats want to kill.

“STAND FOR LIFE!” exclaimed Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., in response to the video.


“How much more proof does the far Left need that unborn babies are humans too?” inquired Rep. Jody Hice, R-Ga., after seeing the clip.

Conservative actress Patricia Heaton commented, “Great reminder that babies in the womb are human beings who move, feel, react…”

GOP strategist Matt Wolking used the clip to criticize Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, D-Nev., writing, “These babies are 32-36 weeks old. Abortion industry advocate @CortezMasto supports aborting babies that are 40 weeks old.”

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