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Raymond Arroyo, ‘Outnumbered’ on Biden’s response to Putin: The world sees ‘unsteady’ leadership

Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo reacted to President Biden’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly saying the world views the president’s words as “unsteady.” On “Outnumbered” Wednesday, Arroyo pointed out how “strength matters” on the world stage as China and Russia forge a partnership and Vladimir Putin threatens nuclear war in Ukraine.


RAYMOND ARROYO: Strength matters. When you watch this and you’re watching the way Russia and China are now aligned. China calling [Russia] our ultimate partner, that’s a bad sign. And it is the Biden policies that have created the environment we find ourselves in. When he was saying, let me speak clearly, I would prefer that he not speak at all. He could barely get the words out. The world looks at this and it seems unsteady. It’s not reasoned and they feel they can’t quite trust what’s coming out of Joe Biden’s mouth, particularly what we’ve seen in the ’60 Minutes’ interview and other interviews he’s given of late where the White House has to come in and clean up after every word.

But the most important thing he said that we shouldn’t let go by: he said, ‘we are here to defend democracy. That’s what America’s about, defending democracy.’ I don’t know how you can say that with a straight face, and I wonder how it’s been received at the UN General Assembly when you have the president demeaning and damning half of his own citizenry as racist xenophobes, crazy people, hateful people, violence lovers and ideologues. How you can then say we are the model for the world? It’s a hard case to make. And that’s what I heard from some of my foreign friends who were in town this week for the UN.


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