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Rep. McCaul blasts Kamala Harris for blaming border crisis on Trump: ‘A completely self-inflicted wound’

Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas., said Friday that VP Kamala Harris and the Biden administration are “playing games,” calling the border crisis a “self-inflicted wound” from their policies of the last two years.

McCaul joined “Faulkner Focus” to reply to Kamala Harris’ statements claiming that the administration is “trying to reconstruct” the immigration system.

The Texas congressman said that “there are almost 5 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. since the beginning of the Biden administration.”

“My Texans are being overrun down in the valley,” McCaul told Harris Faulkner from Pennsylvania, where House Republicans gathered at a town hall event to unveil their midterm platform.


McCaul applauded Governor Greg Abbott, R-Texas., and Governor Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., for sending migrants into liberal hot spots, saying they brought more attention to the crisis.

“I think what my governor, Greg Abbott, and DeSantis are trying to illustrate is we deal with this day in and day out, and we’re giving them a dose of their medicine, so they can see what has happened as a result of their policies.”

Faulkner recently traveled to witness the crisis firsthand in Texas. McCaul applauded Abbott for stepping up to address the crisis with Operation Lone Star, despite border security being a federal responsibility.

“They (Biden administration) are complicit with the deaths of all these children and the human trafficking. And this didn’t have to happen. It’s a completely self-inflicted wound,” said McCaul. 


Harris slammed Republican leaders in a Vice video published on Wednesday, suggesting they are making life worse for women and asylum seekers.

“They’re playing games,” Harris said. “These are political stunts with real human beings who are fleeing harm. Do you know what’s happening in Venezuela right now?”

She commented that these migrants “came to the United States of America seeking refuge – asylum. I think it is the height of irresponsibility – much less – frankly, dereliction of duty when you are an elected leader to play those kinds of games with human life.” 

Landers asked Harris if she could “understand the frustration that Americans have about the situation at the border.”

Harris responded by suggesting that the Trump Administration was to blame.

Fox News’ Alexander Hall contributed to this report

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