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Tennessee man wielding machete outside McDonald’s has alleged history of similar altercations

A Tennessee man was arrested after he allegedly hit someone outside a McDonald’s in Memphis and got into a standoff with police. 

The suspect, 30-year-old Tevin D. Garrett, has a history of threatening people in or near local restaurants. 

Police approached Garrett, who was holding a machete, with guns drawn and told him to put the machete down, according to an affidavit reviewed by FOX 13 Memphis. After Garrett allegedly refused to put the weapon down, police used pepper spray. 


According to FOX 13, Garrett told police, “This is the end,” and told them to “shoot me” while pointing at his forehead. 

After removing civilians from the scene and trying to subdue Garrett, police used a Taser, sending Garrett to the ground. FOX 13 reported Garrett pulled the Taser electrode out and started swinging his machete at police officers. 

Police charged Garrett with aggravated assault, simple assault and vandalism. 

Police said Garrett had also cornered two people at a Zaxby’s next to the McDonald’s on Tuesday. 

Last year, Garrett was allegedly involved in a similar incident when he encountered police in a parking lot, wielding two steak knives, according to another affidavit reviewed by FOX 13. 

According to FOX 13, Garrett told police during the 2021 incident, “Y’all gotta do what y’all gotta do. If y’all gotta take me out, take me out. Shoot me.” 

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