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US F-15 intercepts small plane entering restricted airspace in NYC around time of President Biden’s UN speech

An F-15 fighter jet intercepted a small plane after it entered restricted airspace in New York City around the time that President Biden gave an address to the United Nations on Wednesday.

A North American Aerospace Defense Command F-15 fighter aircraft responded to the aircraft which wasn’t in communications and located 20 nautical miles east of New York City, according to a spokesperson for NORAD.

The single-engine Cessna 172 entered the area of a temporary flight restriction at 11:40 a.m. and was escorted away from the area by the fighter jet.

A spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration told Fox News Digital that the plane, a single-engine Cessna 172, took off from Long Island MacArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma, N.Y.

An investigation by the FAA is underway and the pilot of the plane could face sanctions that range from a warning to “license suspensions or revocation.”

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