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Ex-NFL star Dez Bryant calls out former NBA players’ criticism of Ja Morant: ‘He a king, he a legend’

Ja Morant has found himself in yet another controversy involving a gun, but a former NFL wide receiver is voicing his opinion for the NBA superstar.

Following viral clips of former NBA players Stephen Jackson and JJ Redick discussing the situation, Dez Bryant gave his own sentiments on Morant’s situation as well as what Jackson and Redick had to say.

“Everybody adding their 2 cents on the Ja Morant situation so I’m going to add mine….” Bryant wrote in a tweet Wednesday morning that included a video.

Bryant seemed to insinuate he disagreed with what they both said, but noted they both had “brands” of their own to protect, but also Morant’s.


“I know a couple things fasho. You fill out a W-2, and you pay your taxes, and you play for the National Basketball Association. That’s your job. That’s, like, a job, except this job, you love, you grew up playing, and you get paid millions and millions and millions of dollars. So with that being said, with this type of job, they have this huge-ass brand they love,” the former Dallas Cowboys star said. 

“This huge brand that they protect, this huge brand that influence a lot of kids like yourself and others that want to grow up and play that game one day. So the reason why they’re being the way that they are is because they want to protect their brand — not only do they want to protect their brand, they want to protect your brand.”

Bryant was critical of Jackson, who Bryant noted grew up in a tough environment, for calling Morant’s latest actions a “moron move.”

“Come on Stephen Jackson. You just said the other day you wasn’t gonna condone this. I’m pretty sure we’re really from that. I’m not saying Ja not. He probably got a little taste of it, but I know we really from that. We’re supposed to be the leaders and really telling this man the truth,” he said.

As for Redick, the former player turned ESPN analyst took a shot at GOP lawmakers in discussing Redick questioning why “we {are) trying to lay down the hammer on a 23-year-old who didn’t break a law?” 


“And JJ Redick, I get your point with the politicians and all of that stuff. But say it, brother. This ain’t got nothing to do with…breaking the law. This has got to do with who he is, what he became, and where he’s trying to go.”

Bryant later gave support to Morant, despite his actions that suspended him.

“I see Ja as more than just a superstar basketball player. He a king, he a legend for making it where he at, because there are a lot of kids who look like us that don’t get them opportunities who have that talent. So he’s more than a basketball player. That’s why it means so much to me to send this message. Let’s stop having these unnecessary debates and stay on topic. It ain’t right, Ja. And I support you.”

Morant is currently suspended from team activities because of the incident. He was suspended eight games during the season for showing off a gun on Instagram Live at a Denver nightclub.


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